Green Drinks Social!

Tuesday, October  24th | HOME

In a change of pace, we are having one of our purely social events this month at HOME. If you work in, or have an interest in the environment or environmental issues then come along to say hello and share a drink. We are meeting at the ground floor bar from 530pm. Look out for the green flag to spot us!

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What is Green Drinks Manchester

Green Drinks Manchester is a community of passionate individuals interested in sustainability. We bring together people across the spectrum of ‘green’ – including business, academia, the arts, and passionate members of the public. There are 800 Green Drinks events across the planet each month – welcome to the community.

Our primary purpose is to act as a way for the environmentally passionate people of Manchester to come together in a relaxed setting to have fun, however Green Drinks Manchester also acts as a forum for:

  • Collaboration – working together to share ideas, solve problems and contribute to making Greater Manchester a more sustainable city.
  • Career and Personal Development – aggregating local career and project opportunities in one place.
  • Networking –  making new connections, and achieving shared learning through discussion of thought-provoking topics.

Meetings are centred around a short presentation by a keynote speaker followed by a short discussion, networking, and as many drinks as people feel like having. As well as networking to help form a more sustainable Manchester, our team of culture vultures will be scanning the events lists regularly to identify the best of what the city has to offer – from comedy gigs, the arts, movies, or the odd bite to eat.

What’s the cost?

Nothing! Green Drinks Manchester is free to attend, you just need monies to pay for any drinks you consume on the evening.

We hope to see you there, and can’t wait to meet you.