Graeme HeyesGraeme Heyes

I have a PhD in sustainable business model innovation, and have developed my own toolkit to help implement sustainable business models in firms – from corporations, to small businesses. I am fully versed in the issues surrounding sustainable development, moreover, I have a distinction graded MSc in Environmental Management. These skills have applied and honed through several years application in industry.


Twitter: @graemeheyes

Favourite Song: I just wasn’t made for these times


Rachel Harding

I have a PhD in Quaternary Geology, reconstructing the environments of the North Sea 2.58 million years ago, at the beginning of the ice ages. Geology has taken me around the world, from South Africa to Argentina (some long flights there to offset….), but I have left academia for now to pursue a career in climate/energy policy and science communication. I’m currently devouring the most up to date climate science and learning about political and psychological barriers to change in our energy systems and lifestyles.


Twitter: @DrRachelofManc

Favourite Comedy Duo: Reeves and Mortimer


Tudor Baker

I am a graduate from the University of Leeds with a first class honours in BSc Sustainability and Environmental Management. My studies covered a wide range of topics including global climate change, local pollution and energy. My thesis focused on public attitudes toward shale gas exploration. I am now seeking environmental projects in Greater Manchester and am working on my own scheme to find a home for wasted coffee grounds.

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Twitter: @Tudorbaker

Favourite band: Led Zeppelin